Through our accountability system, we ensure that our activities within Family are transparent, involve stakeholder participation, allow complaints to be responded to and enable continuous learning and improvement.

Our financial reports:

Our policies and manuals

  • Child safeguarding policy We recognise that the children with whom and for whom we work are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. This policy sets out our common beliefs and principles and describes the steps that will be taken by us to protect children involved in our activities. Our Safeguarding Officer is Nia Marshall, Senior Global HR & Operations Manager.
  • Transparency Policy This policy outlines our commitment to being honest and open in our communication and the sharing of relevant information, in an appropriate form, with target groups and other stakeholders
  • Governance manual A user-friendly working document to explain our governance structure, processes and operations.
  • Articles of Association: Organisation objectives and regulations.
  • Data protection policy:  We are committed to complying with privacy and data protection laws. This policy sets out how we seek to protect individuals’ personal data.
  • Privacy policy: Family for Every Child takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy policy sets out details of the personal information we collect about you and the ways in which we may use that information.
  • Acceptance and Refusal of Donations policy

Our governance structure

The primary bodies in our governance structure are the Assembly of Members, the Board and the Secretariat.

Family for Every Child was registered in 2012 in the UK as a company limited by guarantee and has charitable status (charity number: 1149212).

Our General Assembly

The current President of Family for Every Child is Claudia Cabral, Director of Associação Brasileira Terra dos Homens (ABTH) in Brazil. As The President of the Assembly, Claudia is responsible for ensuring that Assembly meetings run effectively and the governance responsibilities of Family’s members are met.

Claudia is Family’s second President, elected in 2017 by the members of Family. Claudia has a degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in pedagogy and a specialization in family therapy. Her professional career has focused on the ​​psychology of children and adolescents who are separated or in the process of separating from family life. She has extensive experience in community-based care, psychosocial family support, family reintegration, foster care and adoption.

Claudia has consulted on social projects at national and international level and collaborated on the drafting of the UN Guidelines for Alternative Care (2009). She is a member and mentor of the National Movement for Family and Community Living in Brazil and member of the Brazilian Association of Family Therapy. She also sits on the Advisory Board of the Latin American Foster Care Network.

Terre des Hommes asked Claudia to establish Terra dos Homens (ABTH) in Brazil in 1996. ABTH works with children and families in violent situations to prevent separation and is a valuable member of Family for Every Child.