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Who we are

We are Family for Every Child, a global alliance of local civil society organisations working together to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

Together for children

We are an alliance of organisations from around the world with a unique understanding of the challenges of children and families in our communities.

Our vision is a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family. We work to achieve this vision through a global network of national civil society organisations that mobilises knowledge, skills and resources. We also support temporary, quality alternative care where needed.

At Family we strongly believe:

  1. The best place for a child to grow up, regardless of background or circumstance, is in a safe, caring and permanent family.
  1. Children should have at least one protective, responsible adult who cares for them in their own home – preferably a parent or, if this is not possible, a family member.
  1. Keeping families together is a priority and more support must be provided for those who need it.
  1. A range of quality alternative care options must be made available for children who cannot be cared for by their parents.
  1. Decisions about children’s care should be made in their best interests, appropriate to their individual circumstances, and involving children and families.
  1. Children in alternative care should remain as close as possible to their home communities.
Undugu Society of Kenya

We are Family

We are 40 organisations from 36 countries across the world united by our common vision of a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family.

We are thought leaders, innovative practitioners and social entrepreneurs leading organisations with a proven track record in child care and protection. We listen to the voices and needs of the children and families that we work with.

Our Leadership

Our Board

Our Board of elected members and international experts oversees the delivery of our strategy and ensures Family’s good governance.

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Our General Assembly

We gather once a year at our General Assembly to guide Family’s mission, set our strategic direction, share learning and exchange practice.

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Our Governance

Access our policies, annual reports and financial reviews here.

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Our Secretariat

Our global Secretariat supports our strategy through facilitation of projects, knowledge collection and dissemination, publications, scoping of new members and fundraising and communications.

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I see magic in the future of Family because we are going to grow and create lasting change for children worldwide.

Rekha Nathoo, Director, CINDI, South Africa


How can I become a member?

We invite new members to join our network following a detailed regional and country level scoping process. However, you can express your interest to join us by getting in touch with our Secretariat. We are always interested to hear from like-minded organisations!

Where is your Secretariat based?

Family for Every Child is a global alliance supported by a secretariat that works virtually around the globe. We are a registered charity in the UK as charity no. 1149212 and company no. 08177641.

Can you help me with child abuse cases?

Due to the nature of our work, we are unfortunately unable to advise or intervene in individual child protection cases. We strongly advise you to get in touch with the relevant child protection department in your country to get the support that you need and deserve as soon as possible.

How can I work with one of your members?

You can find a full list of our current members and details about their work in the members section of our website. Feel free to contact them directly if you would like to find out more about their work.


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