We are excited to share our vision, goals, priorities and plans to bring about large-scale improvement in national children’s care provision in the countries where we work and more widely over the next three years.

Our ambitious new strategy underscores and further enhances our common vision of a world where every child can grow up in a permanent, safe and caring family, supported by temporary, quality alternative care where needed.

One of our greatest strengths as an alliance is the years of practitioner experience we have cultivated by working with children and communities to develop solutions to improve children’s care that are culturally appropriate and specific to their context. This family-centred approach will continue to be the backbone of our work.

We have also analysed global trends affecting the role of local civil society as well as those affecting children’s care in order to identify both opportunities and potential challenges to our work during the coming strategic period.

We are aware that, in order to be at our most effective we must make the most of our vibrant membership, work collaboratively, and mobilise our collective expertise in order to achieve our two strategic goals of:

  1. Enabling children to grow up in permanent, safe and caring families, and
  2. Ensuring a range of high-quality alternative care choices

We will do this by sharing resources, learning and expertise and undertaking joint research, pilot projects, advocacy and technical assistance to improve care policy and practice from local to international level.


As an organisation we will increase the impact and reach of our membership by adding new members. We will enhance our leadership and governance structures, uphold our commitment to accountability, and invest in the financial sustainability of the alliance.

Together, we will advocate for and influence better policy and practice in children’s care and ensure that the voices of children and communities are heard and listened to in national and international arenas. Together, we will create change for children.

How we are delivering on our strategy

Family For Every Child - 2018 Strategic Report

Please read our Strategic Report for 2018 and see how we have been implementing our 2017-2020 strategy, what we have been working on and the impact our work has had over the last year.

Together. Creating change for children.