Foster Care

Foster care can be an important part of the care choices for children. When foster care is administered appropriately, with the proper mechanisms, structures and resources, it allows children to remain in a loving and caring family while authorities work towards family reintegration or permanent.

Latest Foster Care Reports

Foster Care in Islamic Contexts

Two major challenges are often faced when promoting foster care as a potential alternative care solution in non-western countries, and Islamic contexts in particular. The first is linked to religious beliefs, cultural values and social norms, and the second is more a question of how foster care is conceived of and promoted in practice. To…

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Losing the Care of a Parent

This report explores what family means to children and adults in five countries using the digital storytelling technique. Digital storytelling uses storytelling methods to gain deep insights into feelings and experiences. Participants create individual stories about aspects of their own lives using still images and sound. Stories range from the impacts on children of family separation, multiple…

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